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Where’s Bruno???

October 26, 2009

You’re not gonna believe this.

I misplaced Bruno Bettelheim’s The Uses of Enchantment.

You see, you do not believe it. I was all set to write my The Real Reason Eliza Dushku Doesn’t Get Her Proper Props post, and I needed a bit of BB to drive the point home.

I haven’t been writing this post because it just makes me too angry. Actually, I’ve started writing it several times, then I got too angry. See, The Reason is the same one that deprived my mom of proper props, too. And it just makes too furious to think about it. But I thought I should, because this is the anniversary of my mom’s death (19 years ago) as well as my wife’s, and I thought it was something I could d0 — just point out, really — for a fellow sufferer.


It’s around here somewhere. Gotta be.

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