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Dear Me: See Sarah Thompson and Felicia Day Shine

February 1, 2009

Sarah Thompson, it turns out, can play innocent and comic  as well as she played dark and sinister  as Eve on Angel, and she gets the opportunity in “Dear Me,” a rom com about a chronically shy woman who turns her life around (then upside down) by blogging. 

Hollywood, why can’t you showcase her talent and charm in a good romantic comedy? Cuz this ain’t it. Utterly predictable and unbelievable, I turned it off before the end. 

Yet Ms. Thompson manages to shine throughout, turning the predictable and unbelievable into the fresh and true. She makes you love (or at least like) a character you don’t quite believe in. 

Felicia Day gets to play a bad girl! Really well! And hilariously! But again, without much to work with from the story. 

There are some original scenes, ones that aren’t hackneyed, and they just show what could have been. Are there Oscars for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress in a movie that should have been a whole lot better?

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