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How I’d Promote Dollhouse

January 12, 2009

I have no clue how to promote a television show, so naturally I fell very strongly about the promo pics for Dollhouse

Problem is, I couldn’t tell what the show’s about from the official pics. So I’m thinking: 

Since the show is called Dollhouse, and since clients play with the actives kind of as dolls, why not have a poster that shows multiple Eliza Dushkus costumed for a variety of different fantasies/adventures? Perhaps on a shelf of Barbie-style boxes, so the doll metaphor won’t be lost on anyone? Or arrayed in a mock Barbie-style ad, in which all of the fantasy figures are displayed against an idealized background (like a beach)? I think that would bring all the Alias fun and all the Bourne creepiness of the premise (the way that The Stepford Wives brings both the appeal and the repulsiveness of creating mates who will do your bidding). And you could could still use the slogan, “Who Do You Want Me To Be?” 

Here is IMHO the best promo pic so farBut they still haven’t come up with anything as good as His Royal Highness King JayneLovesVera the First and Foremost

Cuz: Eliza in eight different glamourous costumes = fun, while Eliza with some plain white mannequins = not much fun. I get the official poster/billboard/image because I know the premise of the show, but I don’t think it introduces the premise to someone who doesn’t already know it. Whereas portraying her as a live action Barbie-style doll — Supermodel, Biker, Action Hero, Malibu — immediately conveys the concept of a live woman being treated like a toy — and how that is both tempting and wrong.


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