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Burning Questions We Would Ask Joss . . .

July 11, 2008

. . . if we had the chance to ask Joss questions. 

Cuz it’s the question-asking season, what with promotional interviews for Dr. Horrible plus the comic con.

  1. pointy07 permalink*
    July 11, 2008 4:43 pm

    What did he think of Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter/Alan Rickman/the movie version of Sweeney Todd?

    Cuz it’s supposed to be his favorite Sondheim, and Sondheim’s his favorite musical-er.

    (I thought it was one of the best horror movies I ever saw.)

  2. pointy07 permalink*
    July 12, 2008 5:39 am

    Is the name of Amy Acker’s character in Dollhouse, Claire Saunders, homage to Jean Arthur’s heart-melting performance as Clarissa Saunders in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

    Follow-up: Doesn’t Sarah Michelle’s voice resemble Arthur’s?

    Follow-up if have infinite monkey time: Does that mean Sarah Michelle is almost the mystical distillation of two of the most beloved actrons of all time, Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur?

  3. pointy07 permalink*
    July 12, 2008 5:54 am

    Is he a Frank Capra fan? Because I would think he has to love It’s a Wonderful Life for all the best reasons. And 1930s Capra films do have relatively strong women characters who just tug your heart into a better, albeit whackier, place. Thank you, Jean. Thank you, Barbara.

  4. pointy07 permalink*
    July 12, 2008 1:59 pm

    And what, really, what does “Mandy” mean to him? Because I’m thinking its practically his mission statement. Agape in a sweet-yet-angsty pop coating.

  5. jaynelovesvera permalink*
    July 14, 2008 4:03 am

    What does “Mandy” mean to Joss?

    His favorite movie is “The Matrix” created by Larry and Andy Wachowski.

    At one time Larry reportedly was appearing in public with plucked eyebrows, large hoop earrings and other outwardly feminine traits. Rumors spread, inaccurately, that he always secretly wished he was a woman. “I remember all my life…a shadow of a man…crying in the night”?

    Manly looking Andy (Man-dy?) continued his own gender-specific ways, but accepted his brother for who he was, or so the rumors went. “Oh Mandy you made me so happy…”

    Their latest film. “Speed Racer” was a difficult, poorly received project (“caught up in a world of uphill climbing”).

    Larry was frequently seen hanging with a prominent LA dominatrix (“the pain is calling oh Mandy”). Is Larry asking for his brother’s help to separate himself from the pain lady?

    What has this to do with Joss?

    Interest in the creators of works he loves, like Sondheim.

    Like Sondheim, Joss writes songs.

    Maybe Joss wrote “Mandy”?

    But wait–“Mandy” was written before Joss could have seen “The Matrix.”

    Hmm…Deal killer. Except for this:

    “I’m standing on the edge of time.” Maybe Joss is a time traveler. Maybe that’s how he gets some of his wonderful ideas–hop into the future, check what’s cool, see what he’s gonna be lauded for–then go back and write it.

    In this case a tribute to the creators of his favorite film.

  6. pointy07 permalink*
    July 14, 2008 4:45 am

    That was brilliant! Like a sci fi short story.

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